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Product Description: Callaway Golf Wheeled Drop Bottom Duffel The dual trolley handle system and smooth rolling in line skating wheels provide easy maneuverability. The top packing compartment features locking sliders and compression straps. It collapses via foldable side panels for convenient storage. The bottom compartment with locking sliders allows easy access to items without needing to unpack and the top, zippered end pocket is large enough to store shoes. Other features include a front zippered pocket, a padded top haul handle, dual cargo handles with a unifying strap and sturdy,
cards against humnity, rear guard rails that protect the bottom of the duffel.

by Charlie Schroeder and Ryan M. Noll

“Welcome to Switzerland,” a man in a white lab coat says as we near a door marked “R D: Employees Only.” Opposite this door, a guy is driving golf balls into a net about 10 feet in front of him. Off to his side,
cards aganist humanity, another man in a white lab coat is monitoring his progress on a computer screen, analyzing ball spin,
cards against humanity packs, launch angle, and a variety of other numbers and graphs. “We’re a non biased facility; we don’t care what you play with,” says John German,
personalized cards against humanity?, Supervisor of Fitter Operations for Hot Stix, a Scottsdale, Arizona based golf lab that looks more like the set of CSI.

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